Derek Ashurst


Derek Edward Ashurst was born January 7th, 1947 in Gateshead Upon Tyne, England.  He was raised most of his life between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta.  He graduated at the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts, Majored in Economics and Political Science.  In 1968 obtained Bachelor of Arts and in 1971 his Bachelor of Law.

He practiced in legal department for an oil company in Calgary for approximately three years and then moved to Victoria 1977.  He commenced private practice in 1978 initially in the Quadra McKenzie area and is presently with the law firm of Salmond Ashurst.

His areas of practice are primarily solicitor work encompassing Conservancy matters, Corporate matters, Residential and Commercial property purchases, Business sales and purchases, Estate matters, Wills and Power of Attorneys, Representation Agreements, and Contract matters.

He has also acted for several Conservancies to assist them in either purchases or covenants.

His interests are in the outdoors.  He is presently a Director of The Marine Ecology Station located in Sidney, B.C.  He has been a Director and/or Executive Officer for almost 15 years of that organization.  He has also been an Executive Director of a Provincial MLA=s riding.  

In his younger days he was an assistant Cub Leader for five years, and has been associated with The Association of Northwest Marine Educators of British Columbia as advisor through his wife who was on the Board. He was formerly the President of the Victoria Chapter of TD Friends of the Environment program.

His interests include skiing, hiking and the outdoors generally, especially the ocean shores.

He has been married for thirty-eight years and has two children who are actively involved in environment matters through their Bachelor of Science degrees. One being a Marine Biologist/Teacher/Eco Instructor and the other working in Education in the Queen Charlottes.