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Welcome to Salmond Ashurst Lawyers & Notaries Public

We are a people-orientated law firm operating in Victoria, British Columbia. We have been in partnership since 1994 and have a combined 90 years of legal experience.
Here are just a few areas we can assist you with:

Corporate & Commercial Law

Our lawyers specialize in advising small to medium sized businesses. We understand that the issues that arise in the context of creating, operating, buying or selling a business can be cumbersome and complicated. Whether you are...                        Learn More >>>
Family Law
Our lawyers take a unique and dynamic approach to family law files. We understand how complicated and sensitive family issues are.  which is why we rely on various approaches...    Learn More >>>
Will's And Estate Planning
We take a compassionate approach to administering estates. Being an Executor, Administrator or Trustee can be a complicated and overwhelming undertaking. Our lawyers are here to protect you, as well as to help guide you through this process.    Learn More >>>
Real  Estate Law

Although the most common reason people seek out our real estate lawyers is to buy or sell their home, we can also help if you are....Learn More >>>